The Voice of BME Trafford inspiring heath and wellbeing

The Voice of BME Trafford would like to let your know about their, 'Inspiring Health and Wellbeing Course'.

This short video is of three women called Anna, Millie and Nargis who share their growth and experiences after completing The Voice of BME Trafford's, 'Inspiring Health & Wellbeing Course'. Watch the video here:

These courses are accredited courses and held in partnership with Trafford College.  The course covers areas such as;




Exercise; and

Building confidence and resilience.  

The next course will be starting on 8th September 2021 from 11.00 am to 2.00 pm (online until further notice) and then every Wednesday after that until a finishing celebration on 3 November! Please visit the Voice of BME Trafford's website here for more details and to register your interest.

For more information of The Voice of BME Trafford please see their Facebook page , the Twitter feed and their website.

The Voice of BME Trafford have been in Trafford since 2006, representing the voice of BME communities in the borough. They have played a strategic role in partnership with mainstream agencies in ensuring issues relating to BME communities are taken into account when making decisions of investment and development. Their recent focus is on health and is crucial, as they have highlighted inequalities in health provision and also take-up of health services by BME communities.