Volunteers are being recognised for their amazing contribution at The Toy House

What a perfect start to June, honouring all the fantastic Volunteers who give their time freely to support charities and good causes throughout the UK.

This is the 37th year that Volunteers have been recognised and at The Toy House!

The Toy House are fortunate to have a fantastic team who support the work of the charity and this week has been an opportunity to say a huge, 'Thank You'. Without their contribution The Toy House would struggle to provide their services and they are incredibly grateful.

However, the Volunteers also report how much they enjoy their time at The Toy House helping others and how it improves their wellbeing. They are also grateful for the opportunity to gain new skills and experiences which in turn has boosted their confidence.      

The second week of June was Carers Week and many of The Toy House's volunteers are also carers. It was parent carers who established The Toy House in 1981 and many of the challenges they faced then, sadly remain prevalent today.  Carers Week attempts to raise awareness of these challenges and highlight the contribution that carers make to society.

If you might be interested in Volunteering at The Toy House please contact them here or email@thetoyhouse.org or call 0161 746 8185.

The Toy House also runs Volunteering for Success . The Toy House would like to add a huge thanks to Trafford Housing Trust who fund this scheme which aim's to support disabled people in gaining valuable work and life skills. In The Toy House's nurturing environment they offer opportunities that are often denied elsewhere. Together with the volunteer The Toy House devise a person-centred plan working on their strength and supporting them with tasks when needed.

For more information on The Toy House please see their recent article on the TCC's website about more of the work they are currently doing - click here.