Pupil Power Packs for Primary School Pupils

Collective Partner:
LifeChurch Manchester and Our Sale West
During the first Lockdown in May 2020, the residents of Sale have pulled together in a fantastic community effort to give a boost to local primary school children as they knew that many families lacked the basic necessities their children needed to do their school work and keep entertained at home.

In response to this, the people of Sale have been up to all sorts to raise the resources they needed to put the together almost 900 Pupil Power Packs! A treadmill half marathon and a community scarecrow competition were just some of the things that helped raise the cash needed to buy brand new stationery items and activities for the Pupil Power Packs, which have been distributed via 13 local primary schools.

All of this was made possible by relationships built through Sale Community Hub, one of the six centres across Trafford that was set up to support the community during lockdown.

The Pupil Power Packs Project was led by Our Sale West and LifeChurch Manchester , with significant contributions from Forever Manchester, Sale and District Lions, Sale Town Partnership and ScarecrowSafari, as well as many individual residents.

Helen Allen, one of the volunteers that helped drive the project said;

People in Sale have big hearts to help and the Sale Community Hub has provided the perfect forum for these people to connect with each other and bring what they can to make amazing things happen. The Pupil Power Packs Project was possible because community groups were able to talk to each other and it’s just one example of the wonderful things that are being done by wonderful people in our community, in response to COVID.
There were lots of comments that the contents were of a lot better quality and more useful than some of our families are used to. It even inspired one disaffected boy to start writing (no mean feat!). He wrote me a story and I have had to find him another book so he can start to write a diary.