What we do


The Collective's Work.

The examples and case studies below showcase the work of the Collective, its members and partners who work together to in partnership to create strategic change, activities and projects to improve the lives of Trafford residents.
Thrive Trafford led the coordination of this video

Trafford’s Build Back Fairer Story of Change Video

The Trafford Build Back Fairer Video story tells the ‘journey of change’ highlighting the collaborative work the Trafford Community Collective members are undertaking to power system change and make inequalities everyone’s business.

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The Collective is a members led organisation

Growing the Collective's Membership

The Collective encourages any not-for-profit Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise organisations, based in and/or working within Trafford, to not only work with the Collective but to become a member. Our current members bring much to the Collective. Click below to find out more about them and about becoming a member.

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An Overview of the Collective's Work

The Collective's Annual Reports and Accounts

The Collective is committed to publishing its annual reports and accounts. By publishing these documents here we aim to make clear our activities and financial position, to everyone.

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Supported by the VCFSE sector across Trafford

The Collective's Regular Update

To help Support, Promote and Connect the Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise (VCFSE) sector, across Trafford the Collective sends out a Regular Update to it's full mailing list, showcasing the sectors activities. These updates often include details of recruitment, funding, events and activities, surveys, campaigns and much more !

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Supported by the Collective's members and partners  

The Collective's Strategic Work

The Collective provides a framework and structure for organisations to come together with one voice to ensure the sector is recognised as a strategic partner at all levels in the development and delivery of health and social care services in Trafford. Our Chief Officer's report shows how it is achieving this through strategic development.

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If you would like to receive our Regular Update please email us at info@traffordcollective.org.uk